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What are the advantages of solar systems?

What are the advantages of solar systems?

Update Time:2020/3/9
  • 1. The solar energy is inexhaustible, the earth's surface to withstand the solar radiation energy, can satisfy the global energy demand of 10,000 times.Just installing solar photovoltaic systems in four percent of the world's deserts would satisfy global demand.Solar power generation is reliable and will not be affected by energy crisis or unstable fuel site;

  • 2.The solar energy can be used everywhere and can be supplied to nearby places without long-distance transportation, thus avoiding the loss of long-distance transmission lines;

  • 3.solar energy does not need fuel, the operation cost is very low;

  • 4.solar power generation without moving parts, not easy to use damage, protection brief, especially suitable for unattended use;

  • 5.solar power generation will not produce any waste, no pollution, noise and other public hazards, no adverse impact on the environment, is an ambitious clean energy;

  • 6.The construction cycle of solar power generation system is short, convenient and flexible, and the solar energy array capacity can be added or reduced arbitrarily according to the increase or decrease of load to avoid waste.

  • It is necessary to choose the right system according to the situation, and cherish it in the process of use.