Overall solution for photovoltaic energy storage products



Founded in 2007, Kulon has become a leader in Solar products, LED lights and Power supplies. We have a wide array of products that cover many applications ranging from commercial, industrial to large-scale industries.
With a dedicated support team and a professional after sales service, Kulon has forged partnerships with companies in more than 50 countries and regions. We provide our customers tailored services, that is why we have become a reference in our industry.

2005: The Business is founded. We went from 50,000 Rmb sales to 2-3 millions.
2007: Hangzhou Kulon is officially registered as a business company.
2008: Obtention of the import export trade license
2009: We started export trade, total foreign trade surpasses 3 million
2010: Open our e-commerce distribution platform with a turnover of more than 6 million
2011: The office moved to West Era. Standardization of business management practices
2012: We participated in 3 international lighting fairs worldwide
2013: Atteinded 12 million in sales. New products developed and participation in
 the international lighting fair in Argentina.
2015: Kulon moved to our actual office which is bigger.
2019: Expansion of the Business Development international department with
multicultural employees from all over the world, to accommodate our foreign customers
We are engaged in providing our customers full satisfaction through our extensive premium services.
Pragmatic: We value pragmatism at Kulon, which means diligently serving our customers in a transparent and solid manner without engaging in formalism. Be down to earth, realist and future oriented and bring vitality to the company.

Enterprising: We believe progress is the driving force of development. To be driven and actively work toward achieving objectives and overcoming challenges ahead to succeed.
Learning: We engaged in learning as an organization and promote learning as a fundamental pillar to our business development. Learning constantly by listening to our customers and also to our environment to always be at the forefront of our industry.
Innovation: Constantly innovate in term of products and processes to provide our customers competitive advantages to win in their markets.
Professional: Always diligently serve our customers in a professional manner and defend their interest in a win-win collaboration
Efficient: We believe in doing good in an efficient way. Always provide our customers with the best alternatives and solutions that help them succeed
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