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Tracer1210AN 10A 12/24VDC MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Tracer1210AN 10A 12/24VDC MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Tracer1210AN 10A 12/24VDC MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Tracer1210AN 10A 12/24VDC MPPT Solar Charge ControllerTracer1210AN 10A 12/24VDC MPPT Solar Charge ControllerTracer1210AN 10A 12/24VDC MPPT Solar Charge Controller
System nominal voltage12/24vdc auto
Rated charge current10A
Battery voltage range8~32v
MPP voltage range(Battery voltage +2V)~72V
Max. PV open circuit voltage100v 92v
Max. PV input power130W/12V, 260W/24V
GroundingCommon negative
RS485 interface5VDC/100mA
Working environment temperature-25℃~+50℃(100% input and output
FOB portAny port of China
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T, Paypal, credit card
Update Time2022/10/6
Detail Information


The TRIRON series controllers are modular-designed products based on nine MPPT solar controller models. The main unit (Power Module) is a solar controller which can be integrated with different display and interface modules to meet a variety of functional requirements. Among them, the master and slave interface module can synchronize and view the controller and inverter operating data  on the LCD.

Optimizing the MPPT control algorithm further to ensure minimum power point loss rate and loss time, and quickly track the maximum power point to obtain the maximum solar energy of PV array in any environment. Meanwhile, TRIRON controller adds automatic limit function of charging power and current, so that the controller would not be damaged even connecting oversized PV modules (the actual working value would not be higher than rated value).

The controller adopts the three-stage charging mode, and has perfect electronic protection function, which can effectively extend the battery life, improve the system performance, and ensure the system safety, stability and long-term operation. TRIRION controller can be widely used in RV, telecommunication base station, household system, field monitoring, etc.


Identify and load the drivers of various modules automatically

Modular design for easy combination and replacement

Advanced MPPT control algorithm to minimize the MPP loss rate and loss time

Advanced MPPT technology, with efficiency no less than 99.5%

Maximum DC/DC conversion efficiency of 98%

Ultra-fast tracking speed and guaranteed tracking efficiency

Automatic limitation of the charging power and current

Wide MPP operating voltage range

Multiple load work modes

Support the lead-acid and lithium batteries with the needed tem. compensation

Real-time energy statistics function

Overheating power reduction function

LCD and indicators to display operating data and status of the system

User-friendly buttons for comfortable and convenient operation

Master and slave RS485 communication modules design, reading the load or inverter operating data 

Control the inverter switch through the relay interface 

Provide 5VDC power through the dual USB output interface to charge electronic devices




 Product parameters:

Project case:


Solar Home System

Solar home system are typically used for home photovoltaic power generation system, to solve electricity demand of none power or unstable power region. Also the power level rage is between hundred watts to kilowatts.



Solar Street lights System
Solar Street lights System are typically used for street lightning of cities, villages, the intelligent streetlight system will remote monitoring all street lamps to reduce the operation and maintenance costs of system.

Hybrid Energy System
The Hybrid energy system contains solar, wind, diesel and city electricity energy system. The system will meet the load demand of electricity in villages, islands, and telecom stations to reduce the system cost and improve the replenishment ratio of system.

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