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TP20KB-220/220-1 110V/220Vdc to 220V/230Vac Pure Sine Wave Inverter

TP20KB-220/220-1 110V/220Vdc to 220V/230Vac Pure Sine Wave Inverter

TP20KB-220/220-1 110V/220Vdc to 220V/230Vac Pure Sine Wave Inverter
System nominal voltage220vdc
Input Voltage Range185~295Vdc
nominal output power20KVA
Output Voltage220/230Vac±3%( battery power supply mode)
Output modeSingle Phase
Working environment temperature-25℃~50℃( Derating use higher than 45℃)
Load power factor0.2-1 (VA is less than Output Continuous Power)
Distortion THD≤ 3% (resistive load)
Altitude< 5000 m (Derating to operate according to IEC6204
Relative humidity range0~95%(N.C.)
FOB portAny port of China
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T, Paypal, credit card
Update Time2022/10/6
Detail Information


TPower series is a low frequency pure sine wave inverter which can convert 110V/220Vdc to 220V/230Vac. The equipmentconsists of DC-AC inverter module and AC-AC bypass module. It features high reliability, high efficiency, concise outline,small volume, full protection functions, easy installation and operation.

The DC-AC inverter module is based on full digital and intelligent design. It adopts the advanced SPWM technology,outputs the pure sine wave and converts 110/220VDC to 220/230VAC which is suitable for AC loads of householdappliances, electric tools, commercial units, electronic audio and video devices etc, especially for solar photovoltaic system.AC-AC bypass module adopts advanced control algorithm to achieve fast switching, it ensures the stability of outputvoltage, adopts high performance, high reliability semiconductor module to reduce volume and improve life span.

The product adopts 4.2 inch LCD display design, which displays real-time data and system running status.

The chassis is designed with sheet metal structure, which has the characteristics of high strength, shieldingelectromagnetic interference and so on. The chassis can be equipped with universal rotating casters and lifting supportfeet, which can fix or move the inverter at any time, to improve the mobility of the products.


1.Adoption of advanced SPWM technology, pure sine wave output

2.Adoption of completely isolated inverter technology

3.Low output harmonic distortion(THD≤3%)

4.Bypass priority ,Inverter priority mode optional

5.Output voltage 220/230VAC and frequency 50/60HZ optional

6.Function of real-time power query and output power statistics

9.Multiple automatic protection functions of short circuit / overheating / overload

10.Friendly operation interface, 4.2 inch LCD display design, which displays real-time data and system running status

11.Multiple LED indicators that instantly indicate the operating state of the system

12.Adopt soft-startup design, avoid battery damage caused by high current from system powered

13.Independent control of AC output by AC OUT button

14.Overload operation under 1.1times

15.Fan intelligent control, reduce loss and noise

16.Adopt high reliability low power consumption and imported semiconductor module

17.Remote switch&RS485 communication interface can remote monitoring and hardware startupWIFI or Bluetooth communication module is optional

18.360 °Free movement and fixation (Optional casters)

19.Modular design for easy maintenance





Product parameters:

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TP20KB Series Specifications

Project case:


Solar Home System

Solar home system are typically used for home photovoltaic power generation system, to solve electricity demand of none power or unstable power region. Also the power level rage is between hundred watts to kilowatts.



Solar Street lights System
Solar Street lights System are typically used for street lightning of cities, villages, the intelligent streetlight system will remote monitoring all street lamps to reduce the operation and maintenance costs of system.

Hybrid Energy System
The Hybrid energy system contains solar, wind, diesel and city electricity energy system. The system will meet the load demand of electricity in villages, islands, and telecom stations to reduce the system cost and improve the replenishment ratio of system.

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